How You Can Build a Powerful Personal Brand

by Eddie Reeves on

Do you have a strong personal brand?

If not, you should. To break through the cacophony of today’s hectic marketplace, you need to attract customers more than chase them, and a thoughtfully developed personal brand will help you do just that.

Here are 4 tips you can utilize to help you create powerful personal brand:

1. Choose One Trait You Want To Be Known For

The trick with all branding is focus. So instead of trying to be all things to all people sit down and work out one key personal attribute that being known for industry wide would benefit your business or career. This step alone will give you a huge leg up on your competition.

2. Figure Out How To Be World Class At That Trait

Write down on paper what it would take to be the best in the world at that one attribute. How would you have to perform? What would you need to learn? How do you need to change? You may be surprised at just how many steps you may need to take to really ‘own’ this single attribute in the minds of those you do business with. But once you do own it, business will start to chase you.

3. Create A Plan to Get There

Once you’ve done steps one and two, you will no doubt have quite a list of personal brand “To Do’s”.

Do them!

Make that list a reality by setting yourself daily and weekly tasks to help you manifest that personal brand attribute. And don’t worry that this will take to long. It won’t happen over night, but if you are serious and focused, you will begin to see real impact in short order. And the good news is, so you’re your target market.

4. Look For Role Models of That Trait

Now that you’re clear on your brand and have developed a plan for manifesting it, ask yourself: Who already embodies this brand attribute?

Think of people in your industry or others that exemplify the type of person you’d like to known as. Study these people, meet them, and strive to emulate them.

5. Once your personal brand starts to take hold, (carefully) help it spread.

Always be on the lookout for tactful ways to expose people in your target market to your personal brand attributes. For instance, you might share helpful information in an industry forum other meeting that solves part of your prospects’ problems. Or you might author a guest article on an influential website.

The key is to resist any urge to appear self-promoting or self-serving. If you do, your brand will sink in your prospects’ minds faster than a brick in a beer barrel.

So, those are five easy steps to creating a great personal brand. Do all five of these and much more quickly than you might expect, you will have a truly magnetic personal brand.

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