Does Your Marketing Grab Your Prospects’ Attention? Here’s Why It Must!

by Eddie Reeves on

Do your marketing messages compel your prospects to buy what you sell? Do they tap into their basic emotions? Are you aware that prospects buy on emotion and justify their purchase with logic?

Your marketing must convince your prospects that you offer “extraordinary value.” And it must resonate with them emotionally. Simply telling them that you’re the best at what you do won’t work. You can’t just say you’re trustworthy, reliable and exceptional. That’s the same thing your competition does.

When your message drones on about this great feature or that great feature, prospects don’t hear you.  They completely tune you out.  Even if they did hear you, they wouldn’t believe you because they have heard similar pitches about similar features over and over.

You MUST educate them not about the features of your service or product, but about the benefits that it provides TO THEM.  And you cannot even do that until you demonstrate that  you are trustworthy, reliable and exceptional.  Long before people will buy what you have to sell, they have to buy YOU.

To consistently attract more prospects to your business and to effectively convert those prospects into clients, it’s critical that you create a series of short, clear and concise messages that compel your prospects to instantly want to know more information about you and your product or service. These short messages must focus on who you are, why you offer what you offer and finally, the benefits your business provides to them — meaning, how will you make their lives better.

When you create compelling messages that quickly and clearly articulate what you do and the value you provide, interested prospects will feel compelled to seek you out for additional information. In other words, a well-crafted message “pre-qualifies” your prospects for you, allowing you to focus your limited time and efforts on those prospects that are truly interested in what you sell.

A well-crafted and well-developed message can generate a tremendous number of new leads for your business each and every time you use it in your marketing. This same information is then incorporated into scripts that you or your staff will use to convert interested prospects into actual paying clients. It doesn’t do you any good to generate a thousand interested leads if you don’t know what to say to them to convert them from leads into customers.

Marketing is the key to the success of any business, and crafting compelling messages is the key to successful marketing.  To learn more specifics on how you can achieve massive success in your marketing, go to and register for your free series of marketing lessons.  You will be glad you did!

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