Do you have a strong personal brand? If not, you should. To break through the cacophony of today’s hectic marketplace, you need to attract customers more than chase them, and a thoughtfully developed personal brand will help you do just that. Here are 4 tips you can utilize to help you create powerful personal brand: 1. Choose One Trait You Want To Be Known For The trick with all branding is focus. So instead of trying to be all things to all people sit down and work out one key personal attribute that being known for industry wide would benefit your business or career. ThisRead More →

Here’a a great infographic that helps show why Linkedin is such a powerful marketing tool. We are in the Connection Economy, and this demonstrates why of all the social media marketing tools, LinkedIn is one of the best connection tools out there! The Ecosystem of LinkedIn infographicRead More →

Way back in the day (a year ago, to be exact) it was a comparatively simple proposition to rank your pages in Google’s search engine results. Optimize the pages, have quality, unique content and create a slew of backlinks to them. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case! Google has raised the bar, and in addition to making sure we are still managing to accomplish the majority of the above named items, we are now expected to have a viable and thriving social media presence as well! What this means is complete social profiles, daily or more posts, and interaction with your peeps on a regularRead More →