Do you have a strong personal brand? If not, you should. To break through the cacophony of today’s hectic marketplace, you need to attract customers more than chase them, and a thoughtfully developed personal brand will help you do just that. Here are 4 tips you can utilize to help you create powerful personal brand: 1. Choose One Trait You Want To Be Known For The trick with all branding is focus. So instead of trying to be all things to all people sit down and work out one key personal attribute that being known for industry wide would benefit your business or career. ThisRead More →

A well-executed public relations (PR) effort can be one of the most effective business development techniques most professional services firms ever experience. One of the biggest benefits of good PR — being quoted in the media, being highlighted in profiles, having articles bear your firm personnel’s byline, etc. — is that it effectively sells you and your firm without “selling”.  By appearing in the right media outlet, you garner significant third-party validation of your expertise and authority. Yes, PR can truly be a business development “secret weapon”, but that success doesn’t come without time, effort, and yes, a little money, too! Gaining Visibility Most firmsRead More →

I am a huge Jim Collins fan.  I have read just about every one of his books (Built to Last and Good to Great are his best in my view) and have gotten an immense amount of value from them – value that I have been able to pass on to colleagues and clients. In his concise but cogent 2009 book How the Mighty Fall, Collins explored how and why many businesses, even some which have been quite successful for many years, can still sometimes crash and burn.  Collins studied this phenomenon and came up with a five-stage failure path: 1. Hubris born of successRead More →

Those who know me know that I LOVE LinkedIn. By far my favorite social media network, I love teaching business and professional people how to use it (in fact, if your group wants to host me for a FREE workshop on how to use LinkedIn to turbocharge your marketing, sales, donations or job search, please contact me at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all great, but no other social media marketing tool is better for strategic communications for business. To better understand how (and, if you still need convinving, why) you should be using this powerful tool, please take a look at this greatRead More →